Nearly a third of the population are suffering from insomnia which is affecting their health

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About 40 million people in the United States suffer from chronic long-term sleep disorders, and an additional 20 million people experience occasional sleep problems

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Sleep deprivation costs $411bn the US economy each year (2.92 of its GDP), and if people slept just one extra hour per night it could add over $200bn to the US economy

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Based on worldwide statistical data collected by Sleep Cycle, the average sleep time nowadays is 6.8 hours, meaning that the sleep has become almost an unattainable luxury. It has been proven by many scientific studies that the lack of sleep affects negatively the quality of life, leading to poor performance, mental health issues and depression.

Although we are all aware of these facts, changing our sleep habits is unlikely to happen, given the modern lifestyle pressure in which most of us are constantly pushing themselves to achieve more, at the expense of an adequate rest.

Our solution proposes to improve the sleep quality by facilitating the sleep onset and enhancing the sleep depth, ultimately making the most out of those limited number of hours that people sleep.


It is well known and supported by scientific evidence that a slow oscillatory motion applied to a bed induces sleep, and produces a calming effect on its occupants.

A research study made by the Sleep Laboratory at the Geneva University Hospital in Switzerland, clearly demonstrates the beneficial effects of the slow oscillatory motion for improving the sleep onset, quality, and depth.


Adiva One


Feature 1

People have been sleeping in hammocks for centuries, benefiting from this natural remedy against insomnia

Feature 2

Rocking does not only facilitate sleep onset but has a persistent effect on brain oscillations and spindles, which is the hallmark of deep sleep

Feature 3

Restore through slow oscillating motion waves, the balance between activity and rest, day and night, and anything else which defines the endless duality of our lives

Four modular supporting legs, which can be easily attached to any existing bed frame
Induce sleep and produces a relaxation effect, through a slow oscillatory motion applied to the bed
Integrated programmable bed motion controller, and sleep tracking system through motion sensors
Simple control interface using the supplied Remote control, and a Smartphone app
Automated on/off switch triggered by the user sleep status
Several decorative colours to match the bed design
Relatively inexpensive and small hardware footprint, ready for self-assembly


Our vision is to help people around the world to relax and sleep better, and ultimately help them to lead healthier, safer and more productive lives.

It is well recognised that a good natural night’s sleep has many health benefits. We strongly believe that this could potentially have a much wider positive societal impact in the longer term by improving life quality, reducing longer term healthcare costs, and generally allowing people to reach their potential and goals.