Technical Director

Adrian is responsible for directing the technical development, ensuring that our products are designed and engineered to be Smart, Safe, Connected & Adaptable.

Adrian has 20 years of experience in embedded systems Software and Hardware development, working for global industry leaders (Infineon, NXP, Cisco, Tandberg, Philips, Creative Labs).

Adrian’s work has been widely used in numerous consumer electronics applications/devices and has also resulted in several patent grants for related technology innovations.



Operations Director

Irina is responsible for directing the operations including Financial Operations, Supply Chain Management, IT Operations and Customer Services.

Irina has ten years of experience in management, monitoring, evaluation and audit of European projects involving SME’s and public beneficiaries (key infrastructure projects).

Irina’s worked on development and implementation of projects for the European Commission Framework and other major projects financed by DG Justice, DG Enlargement, DG DEVCO, African Development Bank and World Bank.



Mechanical Design Manager

Andras is responsible for the product mechanical design and simulations, and for supervising ADIVA’s mechanical parts manufacturing and assembly.

Andras has over 10 year experience, and holds a PhD degree in robotics with applicability in surgical devices. He has been doing R&D activities in the field of kinematics and dynamics of hybrid parallel robots, automation and surgical robots.

Andras has joined our team in 2015, at the ADIVA’s project onset.

Our mission …

to revolutionize the way people sleep and relax, and ultimately help those who are overwhelmed by stress and insomnia to live a better life.

Product history

Where the idea comes from…

About 5 years ago while on a boat at sea, Adrian has noticed that the gentle swaying of the boat made him fall asleep faster and for longer periods of time, compared to the normal “land-based” scenarios.

This led him to analyse in depth the scientific studies which investigate the connection between the sleep and the swinging motion. At that time he found several web articles which clearly demonstrate the efficacity of the key principle adopted for our product design, namely how beneficial the effects of a slow oscillatory motion can be in terms of improving the onset, quality, and depth of sleep.

Adrian has started to work part time on this project about 4 years ago, and about 2.5 years ago he decided to dedicate full time.

Product prototypes

During the last four years we have developed and tested several prototypes, experimenting various approaches in order to meet the product technical requirements

  • actuator large torque, along a whisper quiet, close to silent opperation
  • high positioning precision, given the four legs that have to move all together perfectly synchronized
  • sturdy mechanical design, to support large and heavy beds
  • low thermal disipation
  • easy installation
  • low cost

The challenge was to come up with a solution that fits any existing bed, and could be self installed by anybody at home. As expected, the most problematic bit proved to be the motion imparting actuator, as the reasonably priced existing solutions on the market do not meet our product requirements. That is due to the relative high noise and vibrations that are the norm in the world of large torque actuators, that use cheap and affordable technologies.

First Prototype
Prototype 1
Second Prototype which features a bed leg holder mechanism
Prototype 1
Third Prototype
Prototype 1

Eventually we have decided to design from scratch a new motor controller platform (e.g. HW & SW), that meets our product requirements. This solution has been exposed and demoed at CES 2019.