Do ADIVA products work with my existing bed?
Our products adapt to any modern bed frame by using the provided leg linkage options. Any of our products substitute your current bed legs and you can continue to use your existing bed frame, mattress and headboard without further alteration.
Is it possible to install the ADIVA products for any bed, irrespective to the bed size?
Yes. Each of the ADIVA legs is connected to the product Control Unit using the provided standard VGA cable extensions. When you put an order, you will be asked your bed size, and we will make sure that the delivered cables are long enough to fit your existing bed size. If you ever change your bed size to a larger one, you could order from us or buy from your local PC shop extra long VGA cable extensions.
How easy is it to install?
The installation process shouldn’t normally take more than 30 minutes for a reasonably fit person, and requires no specialist knowledge or additional equipment. Provided that you’re able to turn over your bed and remove the existing bed legs, the subsequent installation is straightforward using the provided instructions and tools.
How quiet are the ADIVA products?
Our products operate in the 20 dbA range, which is barely audible for the average human being. Our technology has been developed using the finest quality custom manufactured electromechanical components, that produce a gentle and whisper quiet motion.
Is there any risk of getting motion-sickness using the ADIVA products?
We rate-limit the motion intensity at a level that aids deep sleep and relaxation for bed occupants, whilst minimising risks of motion sickness. During a sleep cycle, the platform operates only for a limited time either until it senses that the bed occupant/s are motionless for a predetermined period, or until the end of the chosen cycle.
Is there any actual/scientific evidence to support the efficacy of ADIVA products?
There are a number of medical research studies that form the basis of our product developments. We are also commissioning our own independent academic research and testing, which is scheduled to begin in April 2019.
How do ADIVA products differ to competitive offerings/rocking bed devices?
ADIVA products are completely different because unlike our competitors, our products will only require a substitution of your existing bed legs and under-frame fixings rather than having to replace your existing bed. Our products are also much smarter because they track anonymously the user sleep patterns, and use machine learning algorithms to adapt the bed motion patterns to each user specific circadian cycles. Additionally we provide personalized feedback through a “Sleep Dashboard”, which will be available through a Smartphone App.
Is this a medical product or alternative therapy?
ADIVA products are not medical products and do not make any medical claims as such. However, based on our testing to date, we believe that our products have the potential to help people to rapidly achieve a deep state of relaxation, and also help them to significantly improve the quality of their sleep.
Can this replace or supplement any medications/other types of therapies?
ADIVA products are not intended as a direct replacement for any prescribed medicines. You should seek the appropriate medical guidance before discontinuing any prescribed medications.